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Mendocino Weekend

October 4-7, 2007

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Though our Rainbow RV group weekend trips are short, for Lee and me they are a great stress reliever. For me especially, the more of these we take the more I want to leave the working world behind.

The trip to Mendocino was planned for the 4th through the 7th of October. Rain was forecast, but what the hell, we've done rain before. Blue Boy (our RV) was ready and raring to go having not been on a trip since early June. Friends Eray and Simon tandemed with us in their AirStream. The weather was great.

Lee had bought a new camcorder and I was to tape our crossing of the San Rafael Bridge, easy once I got the hang of it. We arrived at Pomo campground car in tow, dropped the car trailer off, then parked the RV at our assigned site. Next came catching up with friends and their dogs, many of whom we hadn't seen since Angels Camp in April and several since last year.

The whole weekend was just a getaway with no structure except for the potlucks on Thursday and Saturday. After Thursday's potluck a bunch of us set up a campfire and the martinis started flowing. It was fun sitting around talking and kicking back.

Friday, Tom and Jerry went with Lee and me into Mendocino to tour the town, shop, and eat a great lunch. Lee went off with the camcorder to film the beautiful coastline and other fab views.

That night another campfire get together at our rig and more martinis. Some of the gang decided to go into town for dinner while the rest of us stayed munching and drinking. For some reason those that went to dinner brought us back a bottle of Vodka and more martinis flowed.

Saturday while Lee and I were having coffee and reading the newspaper, Lee said “I hate to say this, but you do retirement well.” I wish it was the real one. Later, we went off on our own to Fort Bragg and strolled Glass Beach, a former trash site now a collectors paradise of beach glass. The video he took of the wildlife and surrounding area is great.

Into town for lunch where we saw Ralph getting a tattoo, then back to camp for a nap. Meanwhile our cats had become accustomed to camping and were lounging around, Wheezie in her usual spot on the dash surveying her domain. Another potluck and back to our rig for another fireside chat. Lee's favorite rocking chair broke and as the martinis flowed the chair and Lee slowly sank into the ground. He went to bed early but awoke when I came in and as I got ready for bed the cats arrived demanding attention and their rightful spots on the bed with their daddies. A queen size bed: Lee, me, Samantha, Mouse and Wheezie. Quite a sight.

Sunday, goodbyes and home again jiggety jig feeling more rested, but not wanting to return to the real life. Next trip: Petaluma for the annual Halloween adventure. See you there!

P.S. Mike Shaughnessey took some great photos of Glass Beach, the Botanical Gardens (which we didn't visit), the Skunk Train, and other scenes of the area that you might like to see.